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The Clutch City and ATX wins SWBAD Title

Southwest Athletic Association of the Deaf (SWBAD) held 76th Annual Men’s and 30th Annual Women’s Region Basketball Tournament in Memphis, TN on March 22-23, 2024.

SWBAD hosted 8 Men team and 2 Women Team over the weekend, Clinch City clinched the SWBAD tournament by bypassing the games. Other team decided to decline the tournament resulted The Clinch City clinched SWBAD Title.

On Friday kicked off with Men’s first round games #1 ATX defeated #8 Memphis Grizzles 92-58, #2 HTX Eagles defeated #7 DFW Infinity 51-20, #4 Texas Predators defeated #5 Lighting Lions 68-33, #3 Hotshots lost to #6 Aura Force 47-35. On Saturday Semifinals saw #1 ATX defeat #4 Texas Predators and #2 HTX Eagles defeated #6 Aura Force to earn champion game berth.

3rd place game resulted in #4 Texas Predators defeating #6 Aura Force giving Predators 3rd Place finish.

On Saturday, #1 ATX captured the third championship in 4 years and defended the stubborn and aggressive #2 HTX Eagles. Eagles dominated the first six minutes of the game with 12 points leading. Derek Keels and Keith Williams scored endlessly in the first six minutes. ATX struggled to catch up until a few minutes before halftime. They went tied by halftime. After halftime, ATX got fired up with 10-0 runs, then dominated the game to the end with 80-66. Ty Hubbard is the reason that brings ATX to grab the victory with his 25 points. Hubbard got the MVP award. Besides ATX and HTX, other teams are very young and are future powerhouse basketball teams in the south region.

Women’s Results
1 The Clutch City

Men’s Results
2 HTX Eagles
3 Texas Predators
4 Aura Force
5 Lighting Lions

Source: SWBAD President