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Indy Hawks narrowly escaped win to calm 3rd straight and WSAD wins 3 Straight CAAD Title

CAAD held regional tournament in Milwaukee, WI on March 15-16, 2019 with 12 men and 3 women teams.

Indy Hawks came in as number 1 seeded after 2018 CAAD Champion, Hawks strolled into champion game easily, the 2nd seeded Southern Wisconsin also earned 2nd straight champion game bid, Both teams came in heated competition and Indy narrowly escaped win with 73-72 edge to keep their 3 straight CAAD Champion streak alive.

Men’s Champion Result:
#1 Indy Hawks defeated #2 Southern Wisconsin, 73-72

Men’s Final Place
1 Indy Hawks
2 Southern Wisconsin
3 Michigan Bad Boyz
4 Chicago Hustlers

WSAD Warriors and Columbus Buzz appeared in tourney along with Indiana Checkers forfeit the tourney it changed the tourney bracket format to begin with round robin. Warriors won both round robin games and set as 1st seeded, Warriors came out and won 3rd straight CAAD Title.

Women’s Champion Result:
#1 WSAD Warriors defeated #2 Columbus Buzz, 63-33

Women’s Final Place
1 WSAD Warriors
2 Columbus Buzz

Source: Dino Lomanto, WSAD Warriors Head Coach

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SEAAD March 15-16 @ Puerto Rico (results TBA)
EAAD March 22-24 @ Rochester, NY
NWADB March 21-23 @ Salt Lake City, UT